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Amazfit Four-Way Stretch
Sun-Proof Coat

A Breathable Sun-Proof Coat

Sun-Proof & Wind-Proof | Elastic Fabric | Ultralight & Comfortable
Portable Storage Bag

30D Elastic fabric
comfort and tactility
*Availability of colors may vary by country.

Innovative Technical Fabric,
Beyond Your Expectations

There exists a large evening-morning temperature difference in spring and summer. Excessive heat makes you be prone to sunburn, and chill wind lets you be afraid of catching cold. Having an ultralight, portable sun-proof coat is just like going with a considerate guard to save you all troubles.

Sports & 3D Tailoring

These combine diverse block designs with ergonomics and allow you to stretch yourself out flexibly, during both daily wear and outdoor sports.

Superfine Four-Way Stretch Fabric, Just Like Your Second Skin

Abandoning the traditional sun-proof coat's embarrassing fabric with "grating noise", Amazfit adopts 30D superfine, soft, and four-way stretch fabric. It boasts soft and skin-friendly touch and good breathability, allowing you to travel cozily.

Uncoated & Ultraviolet-Proof, Breathable under UPF50+

The traditional sun-proof coat provides sun protection by using special coatings, which often brings a stuffy and airtight feeling. Featuring a combination of sun protection and air permeability, Amazfit uses high-count fabric with a special texture stitch, and optimizes sports experiences with technology.

*According to the testing sun-proof performance (GB/T 18830-2009), Amazfit Four-Way Stretch Sun-Proof Coat features UVB>50 and UVA penetration rates of only 0.59% (Black), 2.88% (Sailor Blue), and 1.72% (Tech Grey), which provides better UV protection.

Water-Resistant Outdoors, Fearless in Drizzle to Move As You Wish

Amazfit Four-Way Stretch Sun-Proof Coat boasts excellent water-repellent performance. Even sudden drizzle can be well resisted for a while, so that it will not spoil your fun.

*Remember that this function will gradually weaken with increased washing times.

Lightweight, Soft & Space-Saving,
Easy to Store and Carry Around

Amazfit Four-Way Stretch Sun-Proof Coat is lightweight and soft, and is designed with a portable storage bag. It can be easily folded into the storage bag whenever necessary and be carried around for its instantly reduced size.

Product Details

Reflective prints on the back and cuffs secure you at night.

Laser perforations under the axilla make the coat breathable and cool.

The bi-layer hood peak fitting process is more practical in wind-resistant and rain-proof performance.

The entire coat adopts high quality and durable YKK zippers.


Black (Man)
Sailor Blue (Man)
Tech Grey (Man)
Black (Woman)

*Note: The sizes in cm are for reference only. Different cutting techniques and measurement methods may cause an error of about 1-2 cm.


  • Product Brand:


  • Product Name:

    Amazfit Four-Way Stretch Sun-Proof Coat

  • Materials:

    85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

  • Color:

    Black, Sailor Blue, Tech Grey

  • Executive Standard:

    FZ/T 81007-2012

  • Safety Standard:

    GB18401 (Class B)