Skylark Ultralight Barefoot Running Shoes

Overall Antibacterial Treatment | Two-Tone Woven Fiber Technology | Ultralight Snug Fit | Excellent for Barefoot Wear

Eyes to Discover Beauty, Feet to Measure the World

Amazfit Skylark Ultralight Barefoot Running Shoes are extremely light-weight, and with contrasting colors they're good-looking too. Treated with an anti-mold process, they'll help you handle life's little annoyances more easily. Discover beauty with your eyes, but measure the world with your feet.

Two-Tone One-Piece Antibacterial Upper, Comfortable and Trustworthy

With the two-tone, one-piece knitted upper, the bionic keel threading technology on both sides, and 20 straps bounding each shoe, your feet are provided with superior support and a snug, secure fit. The antibacterial upper with a one-piece design functions just like your own skin. You won't feel a single thing that shouldn't be there.

EVA Sole Bends 360 Degrees, Leaving No Constraint

The lightweight wear-resistant EVA outsole with classic slip-resistant surface pattern is soft enough to bend 360 degrees, conforming to the curves of your feet. Every step you take is like walking barefoot. Embrace the freedom of walking and running.

Anti-Mold and Antibacterial Foam Insole, Ensuring Long-Lasting Cleanness

Made of ultrafast rebound foam that provides excellent elasticity and durability, the insole is not only sweat-absorbing but also fits for longer wearing and a better barefoot experience, thanks to the antibacterial treatment on the fabric and anti-mold treatment on the foam.

Only 170g Each Shoe, Get Up and Run Any Time.

Amazfit Skylark running shoes are serious about being light-weight. The burden-free, ultralow weight helps you get you up and running in no time. You'll love sports more than ever!

Innovative Antibacterial Treatment, Redefining Barefoot Wear

With innovative antibacterial treatment inside the shoes, and anti-mold treatment for the foam insole, Amazfit Skylark running shoes provide your feet with long-lasting cleanness. Also, the slip-on style makes it easy to take on and off.

Two-tone contrasting color woven fiber fabric
Tightening straps on the sides
Reflective material on the back for night visibility

Sport Metrics

Pronation types
Rubber track
Road (concrete or asphalt)
Outdoors (dry land: hills, park trails)
Fields (wetlands: muddy riverbanks, streamside)
Recommended weekly running distance

Product Information

Brand name:
Product name:
Amazfit Skylark Ultralight Barefoot Running Shoes
Classic Black/Gray
Vibrant Gray/White
Dynamic Pink/Orange
35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44
Fabrics, EVA

Size Chart

Deciding the Size

You may find your size tight, as the shoes have a snug fit. We recommend ordering the shoes a size up if you prefer a loose fit. You can also determine the size by measuring your foot length and referring to the CHN sizes in the chart.

About the Visible Glue Line

To ensure that the sole and upper are securely adhered together, there will be an approximately 0.1 cm visible adhesive line along the sole where it meets the upper. This will not affect the functionality of the shoes, but please purchase with caution if you find it unacceptable.

The Odor of a New Shoe

The products you receive are fresh from the production line, so a slight odor may emanate from materials such as the sole foam or adhesive. Rest assured that all materials we use comply with national standards for shoes. Placing your shoes in an open location for a while will allow the odor to dissipate.