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The straight line belongs to men,
the curved one to God.
—— Antoni Gaudi, modernist Spanish architect
The revolutionized design of the Amazfit X concept watch, with its extra-wide AMOLED high-definition 3D curved
screen, fits more of what’s important to you on your wrist. With continuous 24-hour heart rate and blood-oxygen
monitoring, sleep quality, stress level monitoring and automatic sports detection, the Amazfit X harnesses the power
of a futuristic curved lithium-ion battery to keep you on top of your game for up to seven days on a single charge.
Representing a technological breakthrough in smart wearable devices, the new standard in smartwatches has arrived.
3D Curved Screen.
Closely Fits Your Wrist.
This bold design fully utilizes wrist space with a high-definition,
color-rich 2.07-inch screen which rests comfortably on your wrist
thanks to the innovative 92° curvature. The display has a larger
area than most wearable devices of a similar size, meaning less
time is spent scrolling to find what you need.
2.07-Inch AMOLED Screen.
Key Information Aggregation.
With its visual priority-based design, the Amazfit X operates with a unique UI which targets the optimal balance of information volume and a diversified aesthetic to bring the user a clear, crisp display even under direct lighting.
3D Bent Screen Glass.
Round Outer Ring with
the Quality of Fine Jewelry.
The Amazfit X screen glass adopts high-temperature 3D bending
technology and is subjected to 700°C heat throughout six
high-temperature bending processes, providing the glass with a
curve of 92° to fit the shape of the wrist. It combines the beauty of
a jade bracelet with the sleekness of a stylish wristwatch.
One-piece Titanium Alloy
Watch Body.
Refined & Elegant;
No Physical Buttons.
The one-piece metal body is light, hard, and highly-metallic in
texture. The brand-new pressure-sensitive sensors replace the
traditional physical crown, giving the watch body a perfect and
smooth crescent shape. The Amazfit X responds with lifelike
haptics, with linear motor feedback granting textured, natural
vibrations, letting your fingertips know they’re in control.
Curved Lithium-ion Battery Design.
Powerful 7-day Battery Life1.
The thin, light, curved design of the metal watch body raised a challenge regarding battery space, and so the
Amazfit X breaks spatial limits and makes innovative use of a curved lithium-ion battery to bring in ample
power reserves, allowing the watch to be easily used for a whole week from a single full charge.
Precise 24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring.
Keep Abreast of Your Health.
The Amazfit X, equipped with the brand-new wearable BioTrackerTM2 bio-tracking optical
sensor, can monitor your heart rate for 24 hours a day, displaying results in an all-day graph
as well as informing you of heart rate zone distribution and providing elevated heart rate
warnings – keeping you on top of changes in your body.
Measure Your Blood-oxygen Level2.
Anytime. Anywhere.
Your blood cells need the right balance of oxygen to keep your body healthy, and your mind sharp and alert. The Amazfit
X uses an infrared light test to measure your blood oxygen levels without pricking fingers.
Sleep Quality Monitoring4.
Track and Improve Your Sleep.
With its ultra-light and curved design, you’ll barely notice the Amazfit X on your wrist as it accompanies you through the
four stages of sleep: Light Sleep (Stages 1 and 2), Deep Sleep, and REM (the dreaming stage). The watch senses when you
are asleep at night and begins tracking insightful data to help you understand and improve your sleeping patterns, and can
even monitor naps longer than 20 minutes so that you can find the best time and length for that midday recharge.
Understand Your Overall Physical Health.
Complex Data Converted into One Single Score.
The Amazfit X incorporates a professional health assessment system, PAITM(Personal Activity Intelligence), to convert
complicated data on heart rate, daily activities, and other health statistics into one intuitive numerical score for you to
understand your health in a more concise way. According to the HUNT Fitness Study*, people who consistently keep their
PAITMscore above 100 have a lower risk of death by hypertension and heart disease, and also increase their life expectancy.
*HUNT Fitness Study, a sub-project of the HUNT study, is led by Professor Ulrik Wisløff from Medical School of Norwegian
University of Science and Technology. It has been lasting for over 35 years, involving more than 230,000 participants.
Always Mind Your Stress Level.
Receive Advice on Relaxation.
The Amazfit X can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and give you updates on where your stress levels are, from
Relaxed, Normal, Medium, and High. When stress levels are on the rise, the Amazfit X will be your hands-on indicator and
aid you in stress regulation with helpful tips on relaxing.
Automatic Sports Detection5.
Take Credit for Every Calorie You Burn.
Motion tracking is simpler and smarter than ever. Without clicking the start button, the Amazfit X can
automatically recognize a variety of exercise types, inform you, and record exercise data.
Note: Amazfit X has nine built-in sports modes, and supports automatic identification of four types of sports: walking,
treadmill activity, outdoor running and outdoor cycling.
5 ATM Water-resistant3.
Splash- and Swim-proof.
Take your Amazfit X into the pool or play at the beach till sunset without risk or losing track of the time.
With water-resistance up to 50 meters, the watch will help push you through your laps and improve your personal best time.
All the Features You Need Every Day.
Track Your Schedule, the Weather, and More.
The watch can become your own personal assistant, proficiently handling your personal agendas, such as notifying
you of incoming calls or messages and reminding you to move when have been sitting too long. The Amazfit X will
also track your schedule and upcoming events, and features Do Not Disturb, timer, stopwatch, wake-up alarm, and
weather forecast functions to make your outings hassle-free.
Personalize Your Watch Face.
Match Your Outfit and Style.
With Amazfit X, your wrist becomes another canvas to express yourself. Customized watch faces enable you to
find themes to suit your personality, the season, or one that gets you in the holiday spirit. Choose a watch face
that tracks your steps and measures your heart rate with a personal flair, or find one that goes big on fashion. The
Amazfit X makes it simple to put more of yourself into your watch.
Note: New watch faces will be added gradually through OTA updates.
Zepp App Compatibility.
An Essential for Physical Health Data Management.
Amazfit X is connected to the newly upgrated Zepp app. The Zepp app conducts analysis of multiple
data sources for comprehensive, 24/7 management of body data, helping the user check his/her
physical condition anytime and anywhere. Main functions include health-data display and interpretation,
exercise-data display and analysis, and smart device management.
Choose Your Color.
Dark and Classic, or Metallic and Modern?
Style has to start somewhere. Choose your base from the Eclipse Black or New Moon Gold options and build
your Amazfit X in a way that suits you.
Width: 22.6 mm, length: 55.4 mm (the exposed part of the main body)
About 47g (including the extended strap)
5 ATM, suitable for swimming
2.07-inch flexible AMOLED, 206 x 640 resolution, 326 PPI
Touch screen
Curved 3rd-generation tempered Corning Gorilla glass,
multi-point touchscreen.
Strap type
Replaceable fluororubber wristband
Supports quick-release long and short wristbands
3-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis gyroscope, BioTrackerTM2 PPG biological tracking optical sensor, Digital silicon microphone, Ambient light sensor
BT 5.0 BLE
Curved lithium-ion polymer battery with 205 mAh capacity
Magnetic 2-pin Pogo Pin charging
charging time
Less than 2 hours
Battery life 1
Daily use mode: 7 days
Vibration motor
Linear motor
Body material
TC4 titanium alloy and polymer materials
Android 5.0/iOS 10 and above
A dedicated magnetic charging cable, and a short wristband
1. The data is sourced from Huami Labs, based on: Everyday, turning on the all-day heart rate detection (detected once every minute), sleep and step count monitoring, receiving 200 notifications, lifting the wrist to see the time 50 times, and 5 minutes for other operations. Exercising every week for 2 hours with GPS. The battery life is affected by various factors, and the actual use time may be slightly different from the nominal value.
2. This product is not a medical device. Its test data and results are for reference only and cannot be used for diagnosis or monitoring of any medical conditions. Due to external factors (such as hairy arms, tattoos, and dark skin), there may be cases where measurement results are inaccurate or even unavailable.
3. Remember to remove the Amazfit X before you hit the shower or a take trip to the sauna, since too much steam can affect the seal and make it less water-resistant in future. According to ISO 22810:2010 standard, Amazfit X delivers a water-resistance level of up to 5 ATM and has passed the test conducted by the BUREAU VERITAS CONSUMER PRODUCTS SERVICES. The report number is 989211.
4. It can record nighttime sleep and naps. When it detects that you are asleep between midnight and 6am, sleep times between 6pm of the previous day and 11am can be recorded as nighttime sleep; sleep between 11am and 6pm lasting more than 20 minutes is recorded as a nap. Sleep lasting less than 20 minutes is not recorded.
5. It supports automatic identification of walking, treadmill activity, outdoor running and outdoor cycling. A prompt pops up when recognition is granted, after which the countdown automatically enters exercise mode. If there is no record of any exercise data after 5 minutes, the exercise tracking will automatically end.
6. The product pictures and screen content on the above page are provided for illustration only. The actual product effects (including but not limited to its appearance, color and size) and screen display content (including but not limited to the background, UI and graphics) may be slightly different. Please refer to the actual product.
7. The data on the above pages are theoretical values. All data whose source is not specified is from internal laboratories or suppliers, and was obtained under specific testing environments. Actual use may vary due to differences between individual products, software versions, use conditions. and environmental factors. These all tend to vary slightly; please refer to the actual use conditions and results.
8. In order to provide the most accurate possible product information, specification parameters and product characteristics, our company may adjust and revise the textual expressions, picture effects, and other content on the above pages in real time to match the actual product performance, specifications, indexes, parts, and other information. Due to real-time changes in product batches and production and supply factors, if it is indeed necessary to make the above-mentioned modifications and adjustments, no prior notice will be given.
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