Amazfit HomeStudio

Your Personal Fitness Studio

Immersive 43” HD Screen | 3D TOF camera System High-end Slat Belt Treadmill

Surround Sound Customized JBL Speakers Classes On-Demand

Amazfit HomeStudio offers a comprehensive and scientific in-home fitness system by combining a Smart Gym Hub with a High-end Slat Belt Treadmill.

Smart Gym Hub: Your In-Home Trainer

Immersive 43” HD Screen Exercise Status And Video Classes On-Demand

The smart gym hub has a built-in 43" LCD HD screen that is able to display your movements and your exercise data, such as time, heart rate, distance, and calorie consumption, all in vivid color.

Immersive 43” HD Screen

A large variety of video classes on-demand, for all levels of fitness, with new content uploaded everyday across treadmill, sculpt, stretch and yoga that are taught by elite NYC instructors to motivate you. You can also compete against other fitness enthusiasts and see your real-time ranking on the leaderboards.

Moreover, the smart screen has a built-in high-definition noise-canceling microphone, which will allow in the future to connect third-party voice assistants to link smart home appliances.


3D TOF Camera System Precise Motion Recognition For More Scientific Guidance

To provide precise and scientific fitness guidance, motion capture with ordinary 2D cameras is not good enough. With TOF technology for 3D modeling, Amazfit HomeStudio can recognize postures more accurately. By guiding you to correct any problems in your form, it helps you get a better workout and reduce injury. In the future, the screen will be controlled by gestures to avoid accidentally pressing the wrong thing during your workout.

3D TOF Camera System

High-End Slat Belt Treadmill Enables More Professional Training Programs.

1350 X 510mm Slat Belt Treadmill Unleash Your Potential

The running belt consists of 55 thick rubber-coated aluminum sheets, which are commonly used in high-end commercial treadmills. It is covered by a 1350 x 510mm extra-wide belt. With the elasticity of the rubber material allowing the natural dispersal of the impact force, but with the support of the aluminum sheets, the treadmill offers a better experience than running on a rubber track. Reaching a top speed of 20km/h and boasting a 10-level powered incline reaching 7°, the equipment can keep pace with your training plan.

1350 X 510mm Slat Belt Treadmill

20km/h & 10-level Powered Incline

Bilateral Training Bars Strong, Reliable, Textured

The training bars on both sides of the running platform sport a metal lacquer finish that adds a comfortable amount of texture. From warm-up to cool-down, a complete workout session can be completed on the treadmill. The bars can support up to 100kg, ideal for your bodyweight trainings and provide extra safety while running.

Multiuse Workout Bars

Surround Sound Customized JBL Speakers Immersive and Dynamic Run

Three built-in premium JBL full-range speakers (two on the treadmill, and one on the smart screen), which feature fast transient response and ultra-low distortion, providing an advanced sound for an immersive running experience.

Surround Sound Customized JBL Speakers

Heart Rate Wearables Synchronization1Designed For A More Focused Workout

Supports synchronization of heart rate data from external devices. Compared with treadmills with traditional hand-held heart rate measurement method, the heart rate is displayed synchronously with an external device, the data display is more timely, hands are completely freed, and running is more focused.

1. Devices currently supported for heart rate data synchronization: Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor and Mi Band Series. More devices will be added gradually.

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