On the morning of September 29th, Mr. Urs Graf, the mayor of Interlaken, and Mr. Hans-Rudoif Burkhard, deputy mayor, visited Huami accompanied by the head of the Sister-City Division, Anhui Provincial Foreign Affairs Office.

Interlaken, located in the Western of Switzerland, is a tourist city famous for its Jungfrau, also called the “European Ridge”. This is a sports resort as well. A wealth of winter and summer sports are suitable here, including mountain tours, mountain climbing, sailing, surfing, swimming, tennis and golf in summer; and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, roller skating and etc. in winter.

Mayor Graf and his party looked around the exhibition hall of Huami (Hefei) Co., Ltd. to learn about the company's series of intelligent sports products and their features. After trying out a variety of Huami's smart wearables, especially the sports products, they highly recognized the features and appearance of these products. Considering the fitness habits of local citizens, they put forward some suggestions and ideas for the product features.

“Interlaken is a sports resort in Switzerland. The citizens there loves mountain climbing, cross-country, surfing, swimming, tennis, golf, and many other sports. If Huami’s products enter our market, they will be definitely very popular.” Said the Mr. Urs Graf, the mayor of Interlaken, who was very impressed after visiting Huami and experiencing Huami’s products.

In the end, Mayor Graf presented Huami with their local specialty, a woodcut "dairy cow", wishing Huami could grow healthy and strong like a small "dairy cow". He looks forward to seeing Huami's products smoothly entering the European market, and the products can be bought conveniently in Interlaken.