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Nabi Kibunguchy: A Professional Soccer Player And A Member Of The Minnesota United FC Team.

by Lucas Francois on

Author: Nabi Kibunguchy

Playing professional soccer means I am always on the move, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to test one of Amazfit’s newest smartwatches, the Amazfit T-Rex 2. After using the watch for over a month now, I am very pleased and am finding that it can keep up with me.

My First Experience with the Amazfit T-Rex 2

Upon receiving my T-Rex 2, I immediately loved the look of it and was surprised with how simple the setup process was. Even though the watch is made to be rugged and fit for the outdoors, I was very impressed by how lightweight it is. Sometimes, I forget that I’m even wearing it!

How I Used the Amazfit T-Rex 2

I primarily used the Amazfit T-Rex 2 to track my workouts and my sleep, both of which are extremely important to me and affect my performance on the field. There are over 150+ different sports modes so I’m able to track my performance at soccer practices and while training, and I was very impressed to see the detailed performance breakdowns post-workout. I also really appreciated the stress monitoring feature among its many other health tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen level tracking.

Endless Possibilities With Amazfit T-Rex 2

I’ve experienced firsthand the positive impact that the Amazfit T-Rex 2 can have on my lifestyle as a professional athlete, but its many features and capabilities, such as sleep data, stress data, and detailed workouts will benefit anyone, particularly those interested in outdoor activities. By learning more about my sleep habits and stress levels with the help of the Amazfit T-Rex 2, I’m encouraged to incorporate new habits into my routine that will encourage me to improve those metrics and optimize my overall wellness – something everyone should experience. 

With a device like this, the health tracking possibilities are truly endless, not only thanks to the seemingly countless features at your fingertips but the opportunities to apply these health insights and choose how you’d like to use them to up your game. There are so many functions of the watch that I still have yet to explore, and I look forward to doing so!

Some Questions Clarified By The "Nabi Kibunguchy"

1. What Was Your First Impression of the Watch?

I loved the look of it and was amazed of all the features it has.

2. What Did You Use The Watch For?

I used the watch for my workouts as well as seeing my sleep performance .

3. How Did You Feel It Performed?

Really well! I love detailed information especially when I look at my sleep stats .

4. What Do You Think Are The Best Features?

The best features to me are the sleep data, the stress data, as well as the detailed workout breakdowns .

5. What Surprised You About The Watch?

The various functions of the watch...I feel like the possibilities are endless as to what I can do!

6. Who Would You Recommend This Product To, And Why?

I would recommend the watch to anyone who wants to stay on top of their health and fitness because the features on the watch can have a major impact on your habits and lifestyle in all. 

7. What Do You Like About The Watch's Appearance? 

It’s really slick and not too heavy on the wrist. Sometimes I forget I am even wearing it.

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