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Run Like a Champ: Tip 4 from Olympic Marathoner Hendrik Pfeiffer

by Lucas Francois on
German Marathon champion Hendrik Pfeiffer, known for his participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo (among many other running achievements), is gearing up for the prestigious Berlin Marathon and the New York City Marathon, where he'll be sporting the Amazfit Cheetah Pro. In this blog series, Hendrik will share seven tips for runners looking to start Breaking Limits.

By Hendrik Pfeiffer
  1. Create a running-friendly environment for yourself.
Runners are considered lone warriors and individualists - which seems plausible at first glance. But it's amazing how crucial good teamwork is, especially for professional runners. In elite sports, where competition is actually at its highest, strong training partners and shared "suffering" play a crucial role in everyday training. The team behind the team is very important: physiotherapists, managers, medical professionals, sponsors and other supporters. "100 percent of me is nothing compared to one percent of the entire team" - the famous sentence of marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge makes it clear how deceptive the term "lone warrior" is. The message behind it is clear: surround yourself with people who push you! It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a beginner.

The most obvious step is to find like-minded people. People who, like you, are into running, ideally at your own performance level and from the same region, so ideally you can arrange to train together. This can be at a local running club or on the Internet. P.S.: Did you know that Amazfit created a Facebook community group for the upcoming Marathon highlights? It might be a good place to find people with the same mindset. Join here! (add hyperlink)

A huge advantage of the running community is its presence onsocial media. Apps like Strava and Instagram help search for training partners and serve as a source of inspiiration and motivation. It is very helpful that Amazfit offers direct interfaces to popular online networks like !Strava, adidas Running, and komoot via the app. Even if you're alone on the road and not very motivated, it can help quite a lot to watch a running video of an idol beforehand or to see on the social network thatothers have set off, even in bad weather.

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