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Rest Up With Amazfit This World Sleep Day

by Lucas Francois on

At Amazfit we’re always working towards connecting health with technology, and want to help improve your sleep quality this World Sleep Day. For a well-balanced lifestyle, we recognize the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for better daily performance. Many of our wearable products include in-depth sleep monitoring, SomnusCare™, and we’ve even designed the Amazfit ZenBuds--earbuds specifically made with sleeping in mind.  

Amazfit’s SomnusCare is a feature available on most of our smartwatches and fitness trackers. It offers user sleep-quality monitoring that analyzes sleep stages and naps . When an Amazfit wearable is paired to the Zepp app, you can accurately monitor your sleep stage (awake, light sleep, deep sleep and REM periods), afternoon naps and use tracked data to evaluate sleep quality. Insights for sleep improvement and optimization tips are provided in app to help you get the best nights rest. 

The Amazfit ZenBuds help users fall asleep and track their sleep data. These ergonomic and lightweight earbuds use smart, noise-blocking technology to block outside noises and play sleep-inducing sounds to stimulate rest and relaxation. To reduce distracting sounds, the ZenBuds play soothing sounds to block the outside world, helping you relax, meditate, focus on work and fall asleep at night effortlessly. These earbuds also monitor sleep quality and sleeping positions to help you form healthy habits.  

Technology can help with achieving better sleep by keeping track of how long you are asleep, the continuity of your sleep and the stage of sleeping that is restorative and recharges you. Similar to how eating, drinking and exercising are important parts of a healthy lifestyle, sleep is also crucial to overall health--good sleep is essential to good health. 

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