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Stand Up Paddle Boarding With the Amazfit T-Rex Pro

by Lucas Francois on

Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a massive increase in interest in stand up paddle boarding (SUP) throughout the US, Asia and Europe, with board manufacturers reporting record growth in sales. While a fun activity, enthusiasts also claim that one-hour on an SUP board can burn 700 calories, which is about the same as jogging. SUP is an excellent workout that allows you to build upper body strength by paddling and work out your core while balancing on the board. 

SUP traces its origins to the surfing scene in Hawaii in the 1940s, and it's since evolved from being a fun leisure activity into a sport. Today there are competitions worldwide, world championships, and fans are hoping it will become an official Olympic sport in time for the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

Even for seasoned water sports fans, SUP brings new challenges of using strength and skills to stand up on a floating board while carefully maintaining a series of upper body movements. For those who love to explore nature, this activity offers a new and different view of the water under your board and the horizon afar.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a great match up for SUP. In addition to a SUP specific sports mode, it is also able to track over 100 activities and many other water sports including open water swimming, surfing, sailing, kite surfing and boating. With a water resistance of up to 10 ATM, the smartwatch is rugged enough for outdoor challenges or extreme conditions be it wet or dry. 

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro has also passed 15 military-grade tests and can withstand most challenges. The devices also offers support for four global navigation satellite systems, a barometric altimeter, blood-oxygen monitoring and can record your distance, speed, heart rate changes, calories burned and other exercise data. Additionally, the Firstbeat™ algorithm is embedded in Amazfit T-Rex Pro and allows users to assess specialized data such as maximum oxygen uptake, full recovery time and training load. 

Amazfit is excited to get in on the emerging SUP scene and partnered with the all-Russian race Zavidovo Stand Up Paddle challenge this past weekend--one of the five largest SUP surfing in the world. As part of the partnership, an Amazfit team took part in the race, all while using Amazfit T-Rex Pro to measure health metrics and track progress.

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