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Run Like a Champ: Tip 6 from Olympic Marathoner Hendrik Pfeiffer

by Lucas Francois on

German Marathon champion Hendrik Pfeiffer, known for his participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo (among many other running achievements), is gearing up for tthe prestigious Berlin Marathon and the New York City Marathon, where he'll be sporting the Amazfit Cheetah Pro. In this blog series, Hendrik will share seven tips for runners looking to start Breaking Limits.

By Hendrik Pfeiffer

  1. Monitor your training with a training log.
My digital training log is a key tool for me to keep track of my training and offers several advantages at once: by comparing different weeks, months, and years, it's easy to see over time which workouts have had the best impact and where there's still room for improvement. In addition, the subjective feeling of "I trained well" becomes objectively comprehensible by recording the running distances and tempo units. Often, a few good units can give the feeling of a good preparation phase, although in total, training was not as consistent as thought. On the other hand, the data can also help to avoid overtraining, as it quickly becomes apparent when rest phases have been neglected.

In addition, the feeling of reward should not be underestimated when you enter a good training week in the log and can read the progress in black and white. This increased my motivation considerably, especially in the difficult months during COVID-19 without competition. The Amazfit Cheetah Pro smartwatch makes it easy for the user to record all the important data and highlight exactly the parameters that are important to you. Each function in the watch can be customized, from a selection of more than 100 watch faces to various widgets and selectable parameters that are displayed during the various activities. All parameters are clearly displayed in app afterward, so evaluating the workouts is very easy. In everyday life, you can also measure parameters like sleep quality, heart rate, stress values, or blood oxygen levels.


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