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Run Like a Champ: Tip 7 from Olympic Marathoner Hendrik Pfeiffer

by Lucas Francois on
German Marathon champion Hendrik Pfeiffer, known for his participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo (among many other running achievements), is gearing up for the prestigious Berlin Marathon and the New York City Marathon, where he'll be sporting the Amazfit Cheetah Pro. In this series of blogs, Pfeiffer has shared his tips for runners looking to start Breaking Limits. We hope you enjoyed his incredible insights! We want to thank Hendrik Pfeiffer for sharing his expertise and hand over to him one more time for this final tip.

By Hendrik Pfeiffer

  1. Make the competition memorable.
Over the course of my career, I have become more and more successful in delivering performances in competitions that seemed almost unattainable in training. I attribute this above all to a psychological trick: I do not perceive the competition as a special event from the moment the starting gun goes off. It is all about creating positive tension in the hours and days beforehand.

For big competitions like a marathon, this begins with my arrival, which I deliberately do early to spend at least one full day at the venue before the day of the race. I use this day for a short course inspection, especially to find my way around the starting area, and I take my time to prepare my race clothing and equipment for the next day. It is important to minimize any potential stress factor for the next day and to start the event with the necessary calmness. In addition, through these activities, I also mentally prepare myself for the important race and make sure that my thoughts are not still stuck on university or my job. It can be useful, especially for less experienced runners, to prepare a small checklist for the day before the race. Is my watch charged? Do I have my race number and race clothes prepared? Do I know when I have to be there tomorrow? If possible, such questions should be clarified the day before the race. With the Amazfit Cheetah Pro smartwatch, you can create To-do lists and schedule event reminders.

In the days leading up to the race, I work out a tactic that includes, for example, specific split times that I use as my guide for the race. I always feel positive when considering all the training I've done in the last few weeks. Reflecting on the training I've already done helps me enormously to go into the race with confidence and to face the goals, which can suddenly seem particularly intimidating in the hours before the race, in a positive way.

A little psychological trick that has already served me well is to wear my race shoes exclusively in competition, apart from the first run-in after purchase. The feeling that I'm only wearing these shoes when something damn fast and important happens helps me find the right focus and get even more out of myself.


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