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Swim smarter with the Amazfit T-Rex 2 OTA 3 Update

by Lucas Francois on

Swim smarter with the Amazfit T-Rex 2 OTA 3 Update

Nov. 8th, 2022

  Amazfit T-Rex 2 Firmware:

  Zepp App version: 7.2.0

The newest Amazfit T-Rex 2 upgrade is here. We have taken user feedback, and specifically designed a software update that will further help you meet your goals in and out of the pool. 

  This update of the Amazfit T-Rex 2 software brings you a new optimized version with the following details:

  「What's new?」

  1. Added the automatic detection of workouts on the preparation page for some outdoor activities.

  2. Added new real-time pace metrics for walking, indoor walking, etc.

  3. Added new real-time metrics on pace and steps for hiking and climbing.

  4. Supported the display of training templates - interval details of comments. 

  5. Specific stroke identification shown in the app, including details such as distance and stroke rate per interval.

  「What's optimized?」

  1. Track plotting of Track Run.

  2. Strength training counting statistics.

  3. Optimized the interaction between automatic pause and manual continuation.

  「What's fixed?」

  1. Fixed the bug of distance display when 3D distance is turned on.

  2. Fixed outdoor running, trail running, etc. after the loss of positioning distance jump problem.

    How to get the update?

  1. Go to Google Store or App Store to download or update the Zepp App and be sure it is updated to the 7.2.0 version;

  2. Open Zepp App > Profile > Amazfit T-Rex 2;

  3. Scroll down and tap System Update. Click download the update.

  Up Your Game by downloading the latest version!

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