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The Amazfit T-Rex 2: Excellent for Swimming, Cycling and Running

by Lucas Francois on

July 01, 2022      Author:Juan Zinser 

I have recently tried the Amazfit T-Rex 2 fitness smart watch and would like to share my thoughts on this new wearable device.

To start with, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 features an excellent design. It is a fantastic smartwatch to wear both for everyday exercise and casual social occasions. It is the best sports watch for men and also features a touchscreen that makes it easy to navigate across multiple screens. The large screen size, clear display, and easy-to-understand user interface also make navigation smooth and natural. And all these features are saving me from the trouble of operating various functions and a complicated set of manual buttons. Plus, the screen’s resolution is incomparable!

As a triathlete, I find the Amazfit T-Rex 2’s swimming, cycling, and running modes extremely practical, as well as the triathlon mode. The Sports smartwatch is also equipped with accurate GPS tracking and real-time heart rate and blood-oxygen monitoring, which are helpful when I want to check my location and physical status. The only thing I would add to the functionality is the compatibility with TrainingPeaks. It would be rather convenient to have your scheduled workouts already installed automatically onto the watch before starting any routine exercise. Another huge plus for me is the Amazfit T-Rex 2’s ability to sync activities directly to Strava.

On top of activity metrics tracking, the watch also has stress and sleep tracking, to enhance the monitoring of stress and recovery. The smartwatch incorporates a great variety of health measurements in one device, making all data easily accessible to the users. Overall, I am more than satisfied with my experience with the Amazfit T-Rex 2 outdoor GPS smartwatch. I would recommend it to all sports enthusiasts out there who are living an active and modern lifestyle.

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